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seamless connections through Aareon Connect


“Aareon Connect”, Aareon’s new open ecosystem, allows clients to quickly and easily integrate third-party software solutions and services with Aareon’s Property Management System. With the programme, Aareon is responding to the wishes of numerous clients looking to benefit from the variety of solutions available on the market.

Added value through open digital ecosystems

There is a constantly growing number of tools and applications that digitally map specific processing and services in the property and housing industries. Combining and connecting these solutions is usually very time-consuming and costly for businesses, however.

With Aareon Connect, Aareon offers a platform for businesses in the property and housing industries as well as for software providers – offering significant added value. This is because Aareon Connect exploits the benefits of a flexible and open digital ecosystem. Standardised interfaces and a uniform data model ensure seamless data transfer between Aareon's ERP systems and third-party software solutions and services. Aareon Connect was developed using low-code technology by Locoia GmbH, which Aareon acquired in December 2022.

“Aareon Connect opens up new opportunities for all players in the property industry. Together, we can grow and benefit from innovation in this sector.”

Harry Thomsen, Chief Executive Officer of Aareon AG

A new chapter for all players in the property industry

“In 2023, we launched a new chapter by rethinking the concept of partnership”, says Harry Thomsen, CEO of Aareon AG. “Our goal is to unite best-in-class software solutions in an open ecosystem, and Aareon Connect opens up new opportunities for all players in the property industry. Together, we can grow and benefit from innovation in this sector.”

Open ecosystems are not only advantageous for property enterprises, but also for providers of specialised software. By participating in an open ecosystem, they gain access to potential new customers. Joining Aareon Connect as a partner, providers can quickly connect their solution to Aareon’s Property Management System within the scope of defined standard use cases, being ready for use.

Numerous clients and partners have already been onboarded to Aareon Connect, which has also been rolled out in the UK and the Netherlands.

Find out more about Aareon Connect and the platform’s benefits for property companies and software providers.

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